Find Me Somewhere Under Cover

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t want to deal with anything or anyone? Today is one of those days, “that a guy goes through, when I’m angry inside don’t want to take it out on you”.  Don’t take it personal – Monica, 1995. Man, I was so in love with Monica. I had the biggest crush on her. 

So anyway, this adulting thing is some bull shit. Excuse my language but it is. Today I don’t feel like doing anything besides laying on this couch with my favorite blanket and alternating between episodes of Seinfeld, Golden Girls, Martin and Fresh Prince. In that order. 

But alas I have unnecessarily necessary things to do like go to work to make money, then go to the doctor to make sure I stay healthy enough to go to work to make money.  One day I’ll be able to get to a point where I can not have to worry about these things but until then I have to do what I have to do. 

I’m just in one of those cranky, leave me alone, bad moods. Everything either aggravates me or annoys me or both. I’m having trouble finding my happy place. I can’t focus on what’s important. I keep getting sidetracked by little things like Typhoid Tammy (or is it Typhoid Mary? I’ll have to Google that before I post. Or not. I wonder how she got that name? I mean who would want to be the face of or spokesperson for typhoid?) came back to work and brought her whooping cough with her. Backstory; last week she was coughing up a lung and I playfully said that she may have the plague. She leaves for the day and goes to the doctor and is out a few days. Word on the street is that she has bronchitis or some kind of bronchial thing. Me saying she had the plague prompted her to go to the doctor so I sort of saved her life right? Well, no. She’s back and so is that damned cough. 

So now I have to deal with my own funky attitude and hear her coughing her guts and lungs out. And on top of all this I can’t sleep. My rhythm is off and this melatonin isn’t helping. Today is just not my day. Can I get a do over?

I honestly think the conference call I had yesterday afternoon zapped all of my energy. I had to put on my outgoing persona for too long. I think I reached my limit and went past it. Tomorrow will definitely be a Netflix and chill day. Like literally. 

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