On My Day Off? 

So I’m at home chilling. Catching up on the final few episodes of Ozark on Netflix. Ya know, just recouping and regenerating some of the energy I lost working with these needy extroverts in my office. 

I happen to glance over at my phone to check the time and I see I’ve missed like 4 instant messages from my coworkers and one from my supervisor, who’s supposed to be on vacation. At first glance they seemed urgent so I open the app. Y’all, these are some simple ass questions that could wait until I’m back in the office on Monday. I ignore them and check my supervisor’s messages. She wants me to come in on my day off after I’ve already put in around 48-50 billable hours already to help on someone else’s project. Umm no ma’am. That’s a no from me, Dawg. 

My days off are special to me and I appreciate them. I go hard when I work so I need that time to myself. How do you spend your days off? 

3 Replies to “On My Day Off? ”

  1. I spend my days off NOT thinking about work and NOT responding to messages about work. This is why I keep deleting friend requests on FB from coworkers. Even if you are not posting about work on FB…seeing your face reminds me of work and therefore I do not need you in my life away from work. 😏

    1. I feel you! None of my coworkers are Facebook friends with me. Nope. Not gonna happen. I try my hardest to keep work and personal life separated. I didn’t even respond to the message she sent. She knows me well enough to know that I’m not even driving past the office let alone coming in. #reclaimingmytime

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