Cookout Schmookout

One thing I love and hate about my job. They are supportive of each other. I love the fact that they support you,encourage and push you to go after things and once you set a goal they do what they can to help you achieve them. My work team is pretty awesome in that regard, especially upper management. They really do believe in the ‘each one teach one’ philosophy.

The thing that I hate is that they are supportive of each other. Yeah, as an introvert in an extroverted workplace this is a gift and a curse. I have been able to use this supportive nature to get a promotion which is dope but that meant invasion of my space, or I felt like it was an invasion of my space at times.  I needs my space. As the illlustrious ghetto poet Lil O says ‘Back back back back. Gimme 50 feet”.

Recently we had a ‘fun day’ at work. pretty much a corporate party or cookout. It would have been cool if it wasn’t mandatory that I attend. Yep, mandatory. So I didn’t even have a choice of attending or not. The good thing is that I got paid for it. I hate going to events like this. I hate small talk about unimportant things. The thing about that is, I’ve learned that I may think that they conversation is meaningless and a waste of time but the person I’m speaking with may think that it’s important so I endure these conversations that seem to be hours long but in reality only last maybe 3-5 minutes. Yes, I’m the guy that will end the conversation in the middle to say I need to ‘freshen up my drink’.

The thing about office parties or events is that it all seems so fake. Well, to me. I get that it’s a great way to network and get to know your coworkers but why do I need to get to know them? I’m good. I sit in my office, turn on my tunes and do my work. Knowing about Becky’s 15 cats and meth addict kids doesn’t help me get my work done. If anything it seems to be a distraction. Let me alone, Becky.

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