Invite Me Anyway

So I like to be invited to functions. It’s cool and I feel included even though I have no intention of attending said function. I’m sure it irks people when they invite me and I either decline or don’t show. On the flip side it irks me when I’m not invited and the response is “well, we figured you wouldn’t come so we didn’t invite you”. Uggh. At least give me first right of refusal! I mean, damn  am I not even good enough for an evite or textvite (I’m like 99.9% sure that’s not a word but it will be one for now)?

I do get their point. If you constantly invite someone and they decline then why keep inviting them? Here’s the thing. You knew I was an introvert when we met and you know about my social anxieties. Cut me some slack, okay? While on my end I do need to at least try to be social and attend some of the functions that I’m invited to. There’s room for improvement on both sides. 

This scenario has happened to me so many times. Or even gets to the point where I want to go to the event, I reply yes or whatever, plan it all out only to cancel right before I’m about to walk out of the door. I have all these thoughts like who’s going to be there, how many strangers, have I rehearsed my introduction enough times to sound natural, what if this happens, what it that doesn’t happen, how long am I planning to stay, what are so dreaded small talk conversations, etc… The listcgoes on and on. I’m actually thinking of more as I type this. I got it bad, folks. I got it bad.

But anyway, invite the introvert anyway. You never know they may say yes and actually show up.

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