Really, Todd… Really? 

One of the reasons I hate being the only young black guy in my office is that I get approached with all the ‘urban’ trivia or that’s the only thing they want to converse about. Lemme explain…

I’m m in my office, ya know perusing the inner workings of the internet for memes and such. I’m done with my training for the day and I’ve already prepared for tomorrow’s class because,  I’m a G like that. In comes Todd. Uggh. First he walked by my door and I guess since he noticed me and my door was slightly, and I do mean slightly, open he decides to just come on in. Shit. I turn down Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. Yep, I listen to a different MJ album everyday. Sidebar: Even though I’ve ve listened to this album a million times or more I’ve never watched the Thriller video and I probably never will. I’m a scaredy cat, okay? Geez. Let me alone, Becky. 

Anyway, I turn down Human Nature just as it’s about to begin so I can hear whatever foolishness Todd wants to tell or ask me about. The first thing he asks is “Michael Jackson fan, huh?” no, Todd.  I’m just blasting a different album everyday because I just hate his music that much. He begins telling me some story that I assume is related to Michael Jackson but of course I’ve already tuned him out as I go back to staring at my computer screen. I hear like every 3rd word or so. Then I hear “hey, did you know Gucci Man (yes he said man, not mane like main but man like tan) has a book coming out? I know you read a lot because you put books on your secret Santa list…” 

What the Fook! Todd get your dumbass out of my office. Well, that’s what I wanted to say but I just started at him like this:

While I did know that Mr. Radric Delantic Davis aka Guwop is an author and I actually Pre-ordered the book, why would Todd just assume that I did just because I’m black? This happens often. Like I’m their personal guide to any and everything black. This is so aggravating. I feel like they only keep me around because of this. 

I have to find a way to address this problem but I’m not sure how. I wanted to say something but in the moment, I didn’t know what. I know I’m not the only one that experiences this type of behavior. As the only chocolate chip in the cookie, I tend to standout. I have to watch what I say, how I say it, how I dress etc. It’s super frustrating but I also think I may be putting more pressure on myself. Like they may not even be checking for me, boo. 

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  1. LOL Great writing! I will say however, there are things way more aggravagting than that. I mean let’s put it in perspective. The world is basically their oyster. Go take a picture of the magazine racks at Barnes and Nobel and you’ll get my point. So if they struggle to find things in common with you (us)..or to relate to you (us) makes perfect sense. After all, many of them do live in an alternate universe. A universe where they exist almost exclusiely and everyone else is a after thought. (See Magazine rack). After all, they didnt make the world..they just ignorantly (or blissfully) partake in their white privledge. So really you should cut them some slack. Im only half kidding here. If you went to live in Tanzania it’s likely the folks there would have some struggles relating to us …Black American Introverts.
    Now back to my first comment…”there are things way more aggravating”.
    How about a Becky that proceeds to tell you the prisoners in the hospital next door that you serve, have lost their right to health care. And she goes on to complain that she had to take the time to explain that to her college aged students. (JAW DROP). Hmmmm but maybe I should have seen that coming when I saw the picture of her and her husband smiling next to #40 POTUS. “Read my lips, no new criminal system reformation. Just lock em up and throw away the key!”
    Now here’s where the introversion comes in… too shocked for words…I go to the old standby…nonverbal communication.

    But honestly, I really like your writing. I can appreciate it because its honest.

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