It’s Almost Over

So the end of the year is rapidly approaching and I don’t think I’m ready. I haven’t really met the goals that I set. I’m working on it but I played around the first half and now I’m playing catch-up. Not only that but my birthday is also at the end of the year. The very last day of the year. Shoutout to my fellow New Year’s Eve babies! A party every year, that I will not partake in so don’t even ask. Umm Black introvert, remember?

So not only am I dealing with possibly not reaching my goals that I set but I’m also having to deal with being a year older and one more year away from the goals that I set. Can you feel the anxiety level riding as I type? I have so much I wanted to get done this year that won’t happen. No matter how hard I try it’s just not going to happen. Time is not on my side. On the bright side I was able to accomplish some things. Some that weren’t even on my list at the beginning of the year. So yay for that, right?

I really do need to get my self situated and stop floundering around out here like a fish out of water. If I stay out too long my dreams will die. Then I’ll wake up one day as an alone and bitter old man… Shit’s depressing, B. I think I’m just going to chalk up the wins I have as sufficient and start anew at the beginning of the year.

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