Session # 1

So I had my first counseling session since like forever. I think the last time was at least 3 or 4 years ago but it wasn’t for anxiety so I guess this was my first time for anxiety and related issues. The therapist that I saw before wasn’t available and I didn’t want to wait so I scheduled with someone else. Black guy. My age. Y’all. When I tell you it felt great to be able to talk to someone about my issues, that I felt actually understood me. He understood me not because of his degree or education but because he knows first-hand what I’m dealing with. That shit is a weight lifted off my shoulders in itself. The definition of therapeutic. I’m not saying that after one session everything is hunky dory but I do feel comfortable with this counselor.

Can we talk about one thing that kind of, well not even kind of more like really truly, bothers me? The fact that mental healthcare is not necessarily attainable for people that really need it. I mean I guess you could do a code 5150 and be forcefully admitted to the psych ward for treatment. That’s one way to go about. Not recommended but still an option. I’m referring to going to see a therapist maybe once or twice a month. Sort of like a tune up. I mean your insurance pays for a free physical once a year why not a mental health check-up as well. I know for a fact that some people don’t seek counseling or therapy not because they don’t want to or there is some type of shame associated with it, they don’t go because they can’t afford it. Simple as that. Thankfully, my insurance covers my sessions and if they didn’t I am able to work out payments on a sliding scale if I had to self pay. Many aren’t as lucky as I am. I know in most cases when they try to seek help the person that they feel comfortable with does not take their insurance and they can’t afford to pay out of pocket. You have to feel comfortable with you therapist or it won’t work. You can’t fully open up to someone that you don’t trust.

I love to help people. while I’m not trying to be a therapist, I would love to be able to connect others that are going through a tough time with each other. There is strength in numbers. The problem with that is that introverts take a while to warm up to people. I’m working on some things though. Stay tuned for that.

Overall, I’m happy with my current therapist and will more than likely stick with him for a while. It was only the first session but I felt a connection already I think he gets me.

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  1. I am happy for you. Introvert or not you are not going to find black males going anywhere to get mental help. Thank you taking this step.

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