It’s Time

This is my time. I know people say this all the time. Hell I say this all the time! But for real for real. This is my time to step out and shine. As an introvert I’m holding myself back. While I don’t actually want to step out of this wonderful introvert life, I will make it worthwhile inside of this introvert life. Make sense? No? It will in due time and then you’ll be like, oh that’s what that fool was talking about. Watch me work.

I’ve been watching so many documentaries about people that I admire in business, sports, music and just life in general. Looking for a mentor. Like, I have people that I look up to and that I can converse with on a daily or whatever what have you but I am going to find a specific person that can have that official title of ‘mentor’. 

The thing about that whole mentor thing though is that I have a dope tribe. If you don’t have a tribe then get you one! I’m serious. Get some people that will push you to be a better you as you push them to be a better version of themselves. I have a very diverse and unique tribe that has their hands in, and are successful, in pretty much any and every avenue that I want to go into. So I may not need that mentor but moreso I just may need to tap into my current available resources. Scratch that mentor part, for now. 

Time to apply some of the things that I’ve learned in order to take over this extroverted world in my own introverted way. Watch me work.

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    1. Thanks, Sis! I just feel like writing helps me open up more. Very therapeutic. And if I write it publicly my people will hold me accountable and I have to do it.

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