New Year Same Me

I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year. Seems like yesterday, or last week, I was just reflecting on my birthday and preparing for the new year. For those that don’t know, my birthday is December 31st and I usually don’t do anything special to celebrate it. It’s just another day to me. I’ve always been that way and no need to change now.

This is the time of year when people start thinking about resolutions and whatnot. Why do people make resolutions anyway knowing good and well that they won’t keep them a week into the new year? Waste of time to me. I don’t do the resolution thing. I just set certain attainable goals throughout the year. That’s so much easier.

My first goal is to start going out more. Not necessarily meeting new people but actually getting my ass up and out of the house. Seems attainable. I’ll set it at 10 times. No, this does not include going to work and grocery shopping. I would be slick and add those in. I actually don’t leave my house for groceries since I use Instacart ( use this code for $10 off your order <– shameless plug).  They deliver to my home. This is kind of cool because I don’t end up picking up stuff that I don’t need and spending extra money just because I see it in the aisle and I don’t have to fight traffic and deal with people. Win-win.

I’ll update as I achieve each of the 10 moments. I am relying on you guys to hold me accountable too. Okay? Okay.


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