We Closed

This weather is crazy. I mean, one day it’s 60° or 65°. The next day it’s snowing. Atlanta doesn’t know what to do. Do we close or stay open? At least they erred on the side of caution and closed the city. Remember my last post when I was upset because they closed my office for some freezing rain that never even happened? Well, this time it actually snowed and had below freezing temperatures and they had delayed opening/arrival! Yeah, we’re backwards as hell here in Atlanta. I didn’t go to work simply because my mama ain’t raise no fool. I spent a little time in the north so I’m a bit familiar with snow and I’ve spent some time in the South so I’m familiar with black ice. To me, black ice is worse simply because you don’t see it until your ass is either flat on your back or your car is sliding off the road and into a ditch. Word of advice. Stay your non driving ass off the road if you are not used to driving in this kind of weather. Makes sense, right? You know everybody doesn’t have common sense, right?

So my goal to read is still in full effect. I’m still weaning myself off of social media except for business or learning purposes. This is tough y’all when I say I was addicted. I was ‘Eddie Cain, Jr’ or ‘Pookie from New Jack city’ addicted. It just keeps calling me…

My goal is to write and publish at least 20 posts per month. Basically broken down to one post Monday – Friday. I thin it’s doable… I mean maybe? I’ll give it a try. Even if I don’t reach 20 I’ll still post more than normal. So you guys will get a bigger peek into my life whether you like it or not! So go on and subscribe so you can be kept up to date on my posts. Don’t want you to miss something and then not understand the next post.

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