Failure To Properly Plan…

So yeah, about that title. See what had happened was… I got some new shoes. By the way, buying shoes always cheers me up. I just purchased some new shoes and I was so excited to put them through the paces at the gym today. I always pack my bag the night before so that I won’t be in a rush after work and can make sure that I have everything. Well, I didn’t plan properly. I went all the way to the gym and once I started getting dressed I realized that I didn’t have my left shoe… I know I know “Will, what about all that proper planning you talked about earlier”? Yeah, that obviously didn’t happen. So I had to go all the way home to get my other shoe. Uggh. Thankfully the gym is close. Yes, I did come back to workout. I wasn’t going to let my poor planning stop me from reaching my goals. Nope. Not happening.

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