Writing My Wrongs

My goal is to be a writer. While I can write fiction, I want to do op-ed type think-pieces. I’m an opinionated person and I think I can voice my opinion on things that matter. I love movies and television. Once open a time I used to do reviews of popular television shows and movies. I gave all of that up when my real life became a bit too hectic. I was going back to school full time, working full time I had a wife and a young child that I needed to spend time with and trying to watch and review movies and tv. All at the same time. It became too much. Since I already paid for my classes, couldn’t quit my full time job or leave my family I had to give up on the writing.

Let me explain. You see when I did my recaps it was a full on  scene by scene and sometimes line by line deal. I didn’t just do a simple synopsis of what you missed and tell you to tune in next week. Nope. Once you finished reading my recap you were able to talk about the show the next day as if you didn’t miss a beat. No detail was too small to be left out. On top fo that I would have them out by the next morning. In most cases. In order to do that I had to watch the show at least 3 times. And write as I watched. It was a large undertaking. A 30 minute sitcom could take at least 3 or 4 hours to complete. This includes watching the show all the way through for clarity then watching it again and pausing after each scene to write the recap. Also I had to read and edit what I wrote as I watched it a third time to make sure what I was saying was not only accurate but also that I didn’t miss anything. Now if a 30 minute sitcom takes 3-4 hours imagine something like Scandal or any other ShondaLand production with all of its subtle nods to earlier episodes or long monologues. Yeah, now you see how it became a bit much. I even did recaps for other sites under a pseudonym.

I really want to get back into writing about things that I’m passionate about like politics, music, sports and fashion. Fuck talking about it, I’m just going to do it. This will be my practice arena before I pitch to other sites, magazines and newspapers. I’ve been reading things and not to brag and excuse my hubris but I’m better than a number of so called writers that are getting bylines in major outlets. I’ve just always been afraid of rejections so I never put my work out there.

I can type my thoughts here and not worry about rejection because this is my shit. I have a fear that I’m not good enough even though I know I am. All I need is a topic and a good copy editor and it’s on and popping! I suck at stuff like comma placement and sentence flow. That’s what makes me shy away from big publications. I know what I want to say but it may not come across in the formal way that they are looking for. So my copy editor will be my bestie. I have to have someone that understands what I’m trying to say and just reinterpret that into the way that corporate America wants to hear or read it.  Simple, right?

I know I have a long road ahead of me but I know that if I just keep going, one foot in front of the other, I’ll get there. It’s in me somewhere I just need to pull it out and show the world! Wait… That didn’t sound right. I promise I’m not a streaker or some perv. I meant show the world my talent… As a writer. Now you see why I need a copy editor?

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  1. Yes, please do put yourself out there more. I’m certain it would be well received. I’ve read a few of your movie reviews and maybe even a show recap, they were good. I hope that you find time every now and again to do those reviews. And I’ll volunteer to do the editing if needed.

    1. Thanks and I’m gonna hold you to that! lol Now that me and movie pass are back on good terms (for now) I’ll be seeing more movies and doing more reviews and such. I’m excited.

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