Moving On

Today is the last day at my current job. Yep. It’s time for me to move on to bigger and hopefully better things. It’s kind of a bittersweet moment. While starting over can be a pain I’m not averse to it. I’m fine with starting over from scratch if things aren’t working. I’m leaving because this new job is a better position for me and that’s cool but mainly because I feel that I’m not being appreciated for all that I do.

I have never been the type to only do things for the applause or accolades but, damn a thank you for your hard work or for going above and beyond every now and again can’t hurt. Respect my time and what I bring to the table.

When I put in my resignation that’s when they want to ask what they can do to keep me and that they’re going to miss me blah blah blah. Save all of that for the next person. I’m done. I really do hate to walk away from this situation as is but I gotta do what’s best for me. This new position is with a company that seems to be a better fit for me. While I’m still an introvert and this company is uber extroverted I think I can find my niche or compromise a bit. I mean I have decided to be more open this year, right? We’ll see…

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  1. Congrats on the new move!
    I commend you on making the decision to do what’s best for you. Managers aren’t as loyal as the employees and they often fail to realize a simple “Thank You” can do wonders. I’m sure you’ll do well with the new company and certainly wish you much success.

    1. Thanks! I totally agree that a simple thank you goes a long way! I think what made me really want to leave is when they kind of threw me under the bus to the client because something wasn’t done but it wasn’t done because they told me not to do it. At that point I knew they didn’t have my back the way I had theirs and the clients’ best interest at heart.

    1. Thanks Bonnie! Sometimes you have to know your worth and move on. I think this new company is a better fit overall but we’ll see. If not then I guess I’ll move on until I find the right fit or make it work. One of the two.

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