My Calendar Of Events

So in my attempt to get out more I have a few events planned. I have a networking event for other black bloggers scheduled for 2/17 and I also bought tickets to see the screening of School Daze on 2/19 at the Fox Theatre. Yeah Spike Lee is a role model to me (and my play dad in my head since we also look remarkably alike) and I’ve seen everything he’s done. I hope he will be at the screening but I’m going nonetheless.

Then there’s Black Panther. I’m going to see it three times! yes, you read that correctly. Three times! I’m going opening night Thursday, then back on Saturday and again on Sunday in 3D!. why am I seeing it 3 times? Well first, to Support the movie. the second reason is because the first time I’m going to see it with ‘my people’ and I already know it’s gonna be loud and crazy and I won’t hear a damn thing. So Thursday is just for show and numbers. The second time I see it Saturday with be in a ‘less urban’ area out in the suburbs where I live. This time I can actually focus on the movie and what is going on. The third is because, well 3D!

So this week is going to be busy! Oh, yeah. I also start my new job tomorrow… Hopefully, I’ll be able to write a quick review about the movie. If not trust me, it was awesome!!

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