Wake Up! I went to See School Daze

So I did another thing. This time I went to see the 30th anniversary screening of School Daze at the fox theater tonight and met none other than my dad (in my head) Mr. Spike Lee! Yep. That happened.

It was such a great event! The first thing he said before the movie started was that if you’ve never seen the film before than you were “shit out of luck” and he wanted us singing along with the wannabes and jiggaboos, reciting the dialogue and dancing to “The Butt”!! So when my dad tells me to do something, I do it!

It was great being out and trying to be amongst other people without feeling weird about it. I was able to secure an aisle seat that gave me optimal viewing but still if I needed to dash out I could. I didn’t. I stayed for the entire thing and got to me the man, the myth, the legend that is Spike Lee.

I would say I’m on a roll with this “stepping up and stepping out” thing. What will be my next adventure? Hmm…

Oh, and by the way; It takes a real man to be a Gamma man ’cause only a Gamma man is a real man. G Phi G!

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