Tis Better To Have Loved and Lost…

Soooo… Yeah. It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you… My old school rap fans know the rest. I’ve been missing in action for a little while just to get my mind right and all. I still write 1000 words a day I just haven’t really been posting them.  Some of them were crap and some were just a little too personal.  I might as well give you guys a rundown of what’s been happening lately.

Okay, so I put myself out there and fell in love again. yeah, I fell for someone. So a few weeks ago I went to see #prebae. You don’t know what a Pre Bae is? Pre Bae is when you talk to someone all the time and you both like each other and have established that you both like each other but for whatever reason, you can’t be together – together right now. That could be distance, time, a current relationship has ended… All kinds of stuff. So yeah a Pre Bae is basically Bae but not officially bae.

I was really feeling this lady. Like we got along so well it’s kind of scary. Y’all know me.  Whenever something is going too well I tend to fuck it up somehow. But anyway, we have been talking on the phone, video chatting and all that good stuff. You know, technology. We have talked literally every day since January but finally got to meet in person.

Everything was going great and heading to Baeville when someone decided to stick their nose in my business and essentially ruin it all. Thanks. Without getting into too much detail basically, they somehow got her information and told her all types of lies mixed in with truths that she already knew. Now the trust is gone and we’re done. Back to being single and alone.

I really really liked her and thought I believe she was one of my ones (watch A Bronx Tale in order to get the reference). Now she just wants to be friends. She says that she still likes me and all but right now it’s just too much for her. so again, thanks to whoever fucked up my life.  All this time and energy and vibes ruined my one phone call.

anyway, that’s the love side of things. It hasn’t been going great and I don’t think it will get any better anytime soon. but the professional side of things is looking up.  I went back to my old company. Yeah, I know I know. I left because I felt like I wasn’t being appreciated and was underutilized. That’s changed. I am in a better position than when I left.  Honestly, the other company was cool but not a good fit for me. It was a very unprofessional frat boy type environment and I just didn’t feel like I fit in.  So I get a surprise call from my old supervisor about a position that was coming available that she thought would be a great fit. We met for lunch and sealed the deal. Now I’m back.  There’s also another opportunity that she wants me to apply for but it’s in Phoenix and would start sometime in the first quarter of 2019.  I mean, there’s no reason for me to stay here or move to DC (see earlier about #prebae).

A move to Phoenix may be just what I need. A fresh start in a new city on the other side of the country away from all my family, so-called friends and the like. Maybe it will allow me to clear my head and get back on track. I’ve been so off my game lately. I haven’t focused on creating anything worthwhile, my writing has gone to shit, slight depression has started to set in and I’ve just been so meh lately. I’ll get back on track sooner rather than later though.

Anyway, That’s what has been happening to me. There’s a ton more but I really don’t want to take up any more of your time. I have to go and be creative somehow…

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