Stop Giving Power To The Powerless

I am a victim of this. I often give attention or power to those that should not hold my attention or any type of power over my life. I am essentially letting them run my life when they have no clue as to how to run their own. This has to stop.

I always end up caring more about someone else than they care about me. That’s how I end up hurt. I love hard and fast. Then when I get rejected or let down I still stay or stick around. It’s like I’m glutton for punishment. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice… Yeah it’s more like fool me a million times and I’m still like ‘ hey, wyd? Thinking about you…’ Just a character flaw that I’ve always had. I’m too nice. I guess… Or I can’t let go. One or the other or maybe a bit of both. *Kanye shrug*

When I relinquish my power to people or things that have no business with it that’s when things go wrong. Like handing over an 18 wheeler to a nine year old that has never even sat in the front seat of a prius before. You’re bound to crash and destroy something or someone.

I also tend to relive the past. I’ll go back and text or call people that I know good and well I have no business being in contact with. They are my exes or former friends for a reason. Duh! I will get nostalgic when I see something that we both laughed at on tv or while out or the dreaded Facebook memories will remind me of them. Uggh. I then feel like I should reach out just to see how they are doing as well as to test to see if I’m truly over them and the situation that led to our break-up. Most of the time I’m not. I’ll end up hurt or upset once again because they’ve seemed to have moved on from it while I’m still frozen in time. Thus starting the cycle all over again.

Gotta stop giving power to the powerless. Now they have the power when I thought I took it back. Sigh… Geez I need to get out of my own way!

4 Replies to “Stop Giving Power To The Powerless”

  1. Excellent topic as usua! It is so interesting how power is given to so many folks and they sometimes don’t even know who they are. Or have insecurities that they seek to hide.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I always find it strange and a bit disheartening when we give so much power to people that don’t even care or willingly abuse it.

  2. You did not steal that. I am that same way. I love hard and fall harder. I too had to learn to let go and get out of my own way. It is hard and will take time but it can be done. I am 5yrs free of getting out of my own way and letting the past hurt and rejections be just that my past.

    You can can do it. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yeah it’s just super hard and I just keep going back to the same thing that had me hurt in the first place expecting change… Eventually I’ll learn. One of these days…

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