Everything Is Not Always Going To Be Okay, And That’s Okay

Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. Everyday isn’t going to be peaches and cream or bloomed roses. Sometimes shit happens.

It’s not always about what happens but moreso how you deal with it after it happens. You have no control over certain situations but you do have control over how you react to any situation.

So yeah, miss me with that toxic positivity that everything is going to be okay when that’s not always the case. I get thinking positive and all but sometimes you just have to be real with yourself and say ‘self, this will not be alright. And I’m okay with that’.

2 Replies to “Everything Is Not Always Going To Be Okay, And That’s Okay”

  1. Hmmmm…I will have to think about “toxic positivity” but I agree that sometimes shit happens that will knock the wind out of you until you’ve had time to process and deal.

    1. I probably could have worded it better. I meant those people that make you feel worse for being sad or just angry about something in the moment. I feel like sadness and anger are just as important as happiness. They are all secondary emotions. It’s okay to have and work through those emotions. Sometimes people will say “everything will be okay or just stay positive”, well I already know that eventually it will be okay but right now I want to go through and process this sad emotion and not just bury it and fake happiness/positive vibes. Ya know?

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