Read A Book

So. Y’all remember that one of my goals for this 2018 was to read more and do social media less, right? Well two of the books on my list to read are here! The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes and Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss. I chose these two because I listen to their podcasts and their whole thing is about getting you to be the best you that you can be. I need more of that in my life. I have a tribe and we push each other to be better but some outside help can’t hurt.

Oh yeah, I know I’ve said this a bunch but find.your.tribe! Whether online or in person. Having a group of people that have your back is immeasurable. I mean you push them, they push you. When you’re down they can encourage you and vice versa. You need people in your life that will tell you the truth even if it hurts your little feelings.

Okay so back to my reading list. These books were supposed to be the first books of the year but Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff was delivered first so I dove into that. I can’t wait to dive into these chapters and discover a better version of myself.

Since the beginning of the year I have been slowly weaning back on my social media consumption. I just feel like I waste so much time just scrolling through my feeds replying, liking, posting and reposting stuff. That time could be better spent working on myself. I hav a few projects that I want to start and get going this year and wasting time is not one of them. Mind you, all the time I spend on social media is not a waste. I do use it to learn and research and stuff but I also use it as a procrastination tool when I should be doing more productive things. So I won’t be having a total social media blackout but definitely a cutback of sorts. Since I’ve cut down I have been more productive. I’ve already started working on my new clothing line, Icons & Dons ( I’ll be specializing in fine premium men’s accoutrements. Accoutrements? yeah, just a fancy french word for accessories. Did I tell y’all I’m learning and studying french? No? Well, I’m learning and studying french.

That’s it. Back to my books. Bye

My Very Bad Day

Y’all. This is already one of the worst days of 2018 for me. Hopefully this will be the worst and it’s all uphill from here. I’m only 8 days in and already having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day like my little homie Alexander.

So the day started off with me waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Literally. It’s been downhill ever since.  My alarm goes off and somehow I thought I hit snooze but well, y’all know how that goes. I thought I hit snooze but turned it off. I see I set my alarm for an earlier time because I needed or rather wanted, to be in the office earlier than normal because it was supposed to be freezing rain in the afternoon, If you know anything about driving or maneuvering around Atlanta than you know that even when it nice and sunny outside traffic is horrible. Let a little rain come down and it’s mayhem. I was trying to avoid this by coming in early and leaving early to avoid the rush. Well, I woke up 30 minutes after I had planned on being in the office. Fuck.

So I get myself together and finally make it to the office. When I get there the big bosses call a meeting of all the staff. We’re all huddled, it’s not that many of us in the office, in this kind of middle open space area. The boss starts talking about the weather and how corporate will likely call him to say that we can all go home. I’m thinking cool. I came to work late and get to go home early. Then he says that he’s not waiting on corporate due to the numerous different conflicting weather reports. He doesn’t want anyone to be stuck on the road because they waited too late to send people home. I mean they are all the way in Arizona and he’s here so he has a better understanding. Okay, whatever. but he says you guys can go home at 930am. Umm it’s like 845am already. So I’m a little peeved. I mean I’ve gone through all this to get here for just an hour? uggh. Oh wait, I didn’t mention the in-between time and stuff that happened from when I woke up to when I arrived at work.

Okay, so I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Like for real. I typically sleep on one side just because it’s comfortable.  I went to bed one way and woke up a totally different direction. like for real, a totally different direction. I went to bed normally and woke up across the bed. I don’t know how to describe it but I’m sure you understand. On top of that, because of the way I slept I ended up with a crook in my neck. That’s still there. so like I said earlier, my alarm goes off, I turn it off instead of hitting snooze so I wake up later than expected. like 30 minutes after I had scheduled myself to be at work, type later. Anyway since I’m already late might as well do some deep grooming and relax right? I mean I’m already late. So I decide to hop in the shower and steam for a while afterwards as well as shave my head. My head didn’t really need to be shaved but hey, might as well since I have the extra time, right? Wrong. I end up cutting my head on the second and very very very unnecessary, passthrough. Now I have this gash on the front right side of my head. Uggh. Insert heavy sigh and eye roll. Whatever. so I come out of the bathroom and stub my toe on the door of the bathroom! I’m hopping around in pain and as soon as the pain subsides and I’m able to put my foot down I take a step and you guessed it, stub the same toe on the end of the bed! At this point I’m ready to just call it a morning and crawl back in bed. Nah, I gotta soldier on and make the most of it. I’m already awake, have my clothes out and all.

I finally get dressed, grab my bag and I’m ready to go. only thing is, I grab the wrong bag. See I have this thing with sneakers and bags. I have a lot of both. I know I know. I don’t need all the bags or shoes but I got them anyway. Fight me. Anyway, I picked up my gym bag instead of my work bag. I use a backpack for the gym not a dufflebag. Not a fan of duffles. I didn’t find this out until it was pretty much too late to go back and get the correct bag. In retrospect this kind of worked out since I was only in the office for a freaking hour!

So back to work. I leave after being there for an hour and since I already have my bag, I decide to go to the gym. Tuh! They are closed! why? I don’t know but they were. So I head home to take a nap. Can’t sleep. Insomnia has been an issue these past few days, weeks, months or even years (shout out to Friends). One bright side is that when I arrived home I had a package waiting for me. y’all know I love me some packages. It was my MacBook Air. I finally converted to the dark side after I went through like 2 laptops last year. Not again. I’m actually typing on it now.  I did throw a bit of a tantrum when I first got it. There is a bit of a learning curve coming from PC to Mac. Nothing I can’t handle but not what I wanted to deal with on this very bad day. I just think I need a do over. going back to bed *tosses laptop to other side of bed and pulls covers over my head*. Good night.

Another Year In The Books

Yep, you read that right. Today is my birthday. I’m a year older, wiser and all that jazz. We made it y’all! I don’t really feel any different today than I did yesterday. Maybe it will get me tomorrow. Of course, since it’s a new year it’s time to reflect on the good and bad of last year. I don’t like to dwell on bad stuff so I’ll just stick with the good and what I learned. Knowing me and the way my mind works I’m sure I’ll find something bad to slip in. Every loss is a lesson though, right? No bad juju/vibes over this way. Let’s just hop right into it. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order. Well kinda. Just writing them as they come back to my memory.

1. I beat cancer. Fuck you, cancer! Yep, I beat that motherfucker’s ass! Sorry for the language but that’s kind of a big deal.

2. I got a promotion (sorta) at my job. I moved into a different and more challenging role that fits my character and demeanor better. The crazy thing is, I didn’t even have to apply for it. My former supervisor heard about the position, thought I would be a great fit for it and talked to my current manager about me before the position even posted internally. See, when you do good for people they will in turn do good things for you. I looked out for her when I didn’t have to and she looked out for me when she didn’t have to.

3. I started writing. Again. I got back into getting my feelings, thoughts and emotions out from within my brain on to a pen and pad. I actually physically write these blogs before I type them up for the innanetz. I write here and over on my main spot

4. I started a podcast. I mean it’s on hiatus right now but I did start one dammit. It’s called “Sincere Chats” and I talk to people that I find inspiring and interesting. I do plan to pick it back up in 2018. I stopped because I couldn’t find my true direction. First it was all about interviews then I switched to tidbits of news segments to get you caught up on the week. Then I  switched to recaps of TV shows and movies. I just couldn’t find my niche. I’m taking it back to my original idea and I’m gonna kill it. Just watch. I have some other things in the works as far as podcasting as well but I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch. I think that’s how you say it.

5. I’m seeing a therapist. I’ve done this before in the past but I was never able to find someone that looks, acts and thinks like me. Very refreshing. Anytime you can get some help and talk to someone that truly understands and gets you is a plus. If you’re on the fence about seeking professional counseling or help, just do it! You’re welcome. I’m also working on some type of program where we can either work with therapists to help offset some of the costs or find a way to make it affordable in some other capacity. I know that is a major reason why people don’t seem help. Money is a major issue. Thankfully I have insurance and the extra income to support it because umm… Shit ain’t cheap. We gotta bring awareness and let other black people know that it’s okay to seek counseling. Depression and mental illness is not just a white or rich thing and we can’t just pray everything away. Faith without works is dead.

6. I got to see Jay-Z live.  This was one of the highlights of the year and I almost forgot about to mention it! Jay is one of my favorite rappers/businessmen. I listen to at least one Jay-Z album everyday! I try and slip in some of his lyrics in every conversation I have just to see if people notice. If you follow my other account on Instagram, I do this thing called hip hop quote of the day. I basically take a line or two from song and rephrase it. I think 95-98% are Jay-Z quotes. To see him live was phenomenal and I loved every minute of the concert. I even wrote about it here. I don’t go out to many concerts much due to ya know, being an introvert and all but I had to go to this one! I’m so glad I did.

I’m really trying to think of what else happened this year. I’m legit boring so not much happens in my life. I go to work and come home pretty much. Well, now it’s work, home, gym and back home.
I feel like those were the big things that happened this year. If I think of more I may do a part 2 or something. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day and make 2018 greater than 2017!