Be Your Best

You’ll always win when you give it your all and do your best. Don’t be so concerned with trophies and awards to display your excellence. Self acknowledgement is a much greater reward.

Push yourself in every situation to be better than the last time. You are better than you think you are.

You got this! Just go out there and make the best of your today’s the worst of your tomorrows.

When You Can’t Speak

One of the effects of depression is that it can mute your ability to speak or reach out for help verbally.

Did you know that you can chat with a mental health professional instead? can assist you when you can’t or don’t want to speak to someone.

You can also message them via Twitter or Instagram at the handle @800273talk

Difficult Takes A Day Impossible Takes A Week

It’s the simple things in life that are often the hardest to master. Seems crazy, right? I mean the simplest things should be well… Simple. I mean, it hard things are considered to be hard because they are difficult or take some time, thought and energy to complete. While on the other hand, something is considered to be simple because it is easy or doesn’t take too much thought, time or energy to complete. Simple reasoning and logic right? Wrong. You see, people are wired differently. You may see something and interpret it one way and yet I can see the very same thing at the very same time and get a totally different perspective on it or the situation. This is what makes us unique and different.

What I’m getting at is that social media and other factors have somewhat taken away that free-thinking, different perspective having mentality that we once had. Now I can’t blame this all on social media. This has been happening way before the digital age. I believe it’s referred to as the mob mentality? Don’t quote me on that. Actually, hold on, let me google it right quick. Mobbbbbb Mennnn taaaaa llittty…. yep, its the mob mentality. According to Wikipedia; herd mentality and mob mentality, also lesser known as gang mentality, describes how people can be influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis. Remember the Salem witch trials? Mob mentality. Let’s take it all the way back. Remember Jesus and nem? Mob mentality.

It’s especially easier to whip up a frenzy en masse with this generation. Because of the internet and its ability to literally reach people worldwide, what you say does have power. For example, right now there is someone in Sweden or Japan or the Netherlands or Turkey or Cleveland or wherever you are right now that is listening to me as I drivel on and on about whatever it is that I’m talking about right now. My words have power. And so do yours. Use them wisely. Like my Man Uncle Ben told Peter Parker; with great power comes great responsibility. Coincidently Jesus told a certain Peter this same thing…Look it up. Luke chapter 12 verses 41 through 48. 48 in particular.

But anyway, back to the simple things. The simple thing for me that seems to be the hardest for me to do is meet new people. It is like so nerve racking for me to go to a complete stranger and be all like “hey, how are you? I’m Will. What’s your name? Do you want to be my friend?” Sounds and feels weird as hell. It’s crazy because I’m a grown ass man that can’t is afraid to simply say ‘hi’ to someone in the elevator. Shit’s scary, B.

All of these crazy scenarios play in my head like what if I sound like a wacko? Or what if they ignore me, then I’ll be stuck here staring awkwardly off into space trying not to make eye contact as this elevator slowly creeps it’s way to the 22nd floor. Or what if, God forbid, she’s a chatty Kathy and *gasp* by me saying hello I’ve just opened the floodgates and now she’ll talk me to death? Just stay quiet… So that’s what I do. Keep quiet and try not to make eye contact by playing with my phone, counting the ceiling or floor tiles. Anything.

Then I get off the elevator and more scenarios run through my head like “ why didn’t you say something when she smiled at you? What If she wasn’t some wacko chatty Kathy? *gasp* what if she was the one and you squandered your chance? Crap.

The point is that In life we don’t get many do-overs or second chances. You must seize the moment when it comes. That is what I aim to do. Seize the moment and live for the day. I hope this wasn’t too jumbled or discombobulated. I’m just trying to get the thoughts from my head to this page as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Not sure if it’s working or not though…

Yeezy Taught Me

Yesterday, well the past 2 days, I was in a funk. I needed to get out of it and quick. I can’t live like that. I was doing too well and feeling too good to revert back.

I had to shake this feeling so I turned to my favorite activity. Listening to music. Music gets me out of the bad place. Specifically Kanye. For some reason I feel a connection to his music and vibe. I understand him and he understands me.

People talk bad about Kanye and call him crazy but to me he’s just misunderstood. When I feel misunderstood I can listen to some Kanye and know that someone else gets it. If there’s nobody else that gets me, Kanye gets me.

Now that I think about it, I could be in a bad place because I missed my last 2 therapy appointments. The first one was on me and my poor scheduling but the last one was on him… I’ll get back right sooner or later. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I think I just exerted too much energy this week and last week. Went to see Black Panther on last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then I went to see my dad (in my head) Spike Lee’s School Daze on Monday. It’s all catching up to me now and I’m crashing. Too much extroverting.

Networking & Stuff…

So I decided to take that leap and head out to this networking event for other black bloggers/podcasters and the like. I was hella nervous because I was going alone and would be in a room full of strangers. Anxiety levels through.the.roof! Y’all know I talk myself out of doing anything that is remotely outside of my comfort zone but I went anyway. I gotta get out of my own way.

Y’all… I’m so glad I went! I had a chance to meet some great people and well ya know, network. I arrived like an hour late due to some other foolishness. Sometimes Netflix can be the devil. Anyway. When I first arrived and came up the stairs of the place I saw all these beautiful black people talking to each other and stuff. I didn’t have butterflies in my stomach they were big ass bald eagles flying around in there! I wanted to turn around and go back downstairs, out the door that I came in and head home but I couldn’t. See, I promised myself that I would step out more, I’m already here and if I left what story would I have to tell you? Nah. I’ll just stick it out.

After some initial awkward moments , I’m such a male version of Issa, I was able to get into the flow and met some really cool people and potential collaborators. I’m looking forward to the next Meetup and Working with the people I met this time.

This is my first major ‘stepping out’ event of the year. I was supposed to go last month but had another engagement. This actually gave me a little boost of confidence that I can actually do a meet and greet and not die.

My Calendar Of Events

So in my attempt to get out more I have a few events planned. I have a networking event for other black bloggers scheduled for 2/17 and I also bought tickets to see the screening of School Daze on 2/19 at the Fox Theatre. Yeah Spike Lee is a role model to me (and my play dad in my head since we also look remarkably alike) and I’ve seen everything he’s done. I hope he will be at the screening but I’m going nonetheless.

Then there’s Black Panther. I’m going to see it three times! yes, you read that correctly. Three times! I’m going opening night Thursday, then back on Saturday and again on Sunday in 3D!. why am I seeing it 3 times? Well first, to Support the movie. the second reason is because the first time I’m going to see it with ‘my people’ and I already know it’s gonna be loud and crazy and I won’t hear a damn thing. So Thursday is just for show and numbers. The second time I see it Saturday with be in a ‘less urban’ area out in the suburbs where I live. This time I can actually focus on the movie and what is going on. The third is because, well 3D!

So this week is going to be busy! Oh, yeah. I also start my new job tomorrow… Hopefully, I’ll be able to write a quick review about the movie. If not trust me, it was awesome!!

Rejuvenation Sunday – 1/21/18

Rejuvenation Sunday is almost over. Time for me, and us, to focus on the upcoming week. Got some big things popping and I’m gonna need all my praying for grandmothers out there to send a word up for me. I need my situation rectified. I want to tell y’all because y’all are my peoples and all but I can’t let the cat out of the bag just in case it falls through. Y’all not gonna be looking at me crazy like, remember that time to you told us such and such? Nah, not on my watch.

So, my first event of the year was supposed to be last Saturday but I wasn’t able to make it. I know I know. But there will be another event on February 24th or something like that. This time I will be in the building. I really wanted to go to this last event. It would have been a great way to network and learn but alas. Life. Sigh.

I plan to interact more and that starts with writing more. So like I said before, to keep updated you gotta subscribe. Basically, dassit. I’m done for today. Pretty simple easy relaxing and rejuvenating day. Just what the doctor ordered.

Another Year In The Books

Yep, you read that right. Today is my birthday. I’m a year older, wiser and all that jazz. We made it y’all! I don’t really feel any different today than I did yesterday. Maybe it will get me tomorrow. Of course, since it’s a new year it’s time to reflect on the good and bad of last year. I don’t like to dwell on bad stuff so I’ll just stick with the good and what I learned. Knowing me and the way my mind works I’m sure I’ll find something bad to slip in. Every loss is a lesson though, right? No bad juju/vibes over this way. Let’s just hop right into it. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order. Well kinda. Just writing them as they come back to my memory.

1. I beat cancer. Fuck you, cancer! Yep, I beat that motherfucker’s ass! Sorry for the language but that’s kind of a big deal.

2. I got a promotion (sorta) at my job. I moved into a different and more challenging role that fits my character and demeanor better. The crazy thing is, I didn’t even have to apply for it. My former supervisor heard about the position, thought I would be a great fit for it and talked to my current manager about me before the position even posted internally. See, when you do good for people they will in turn do good things for you. I looked out for her when I didn’t have to and she looked out for me when she didn’t have to.

3. I started writing. Again. I got back into getting my feelings, thoughts and emotions out from within my brain on to a pen and pad. I actually physically write these blogs before I type them up for the innanetz. I write here and over on my main spot

4. I started a podcast. I mean it’s on hiatus right now but I did start one dammit. It’s called “Sincere Chats” and I talk to people that I find inspiring and interesting. I do plan to pick it back up in 2018. I stopped because I couldn’t find my true direction. First it was all about interviews then I switched to tidbits of news segments to get you caught up on the week. Then I  switched to recaps of TV shows and movies. I just couldn’t find my niche. I’m taking it back to my original idea and I’m gonna kill it. Just watch. I have some other things in the works as far as podcasting as well but I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch. I think that’s how you say it.

5. I’m seeing a therapist. I’ve done this before in the past but I was never able to find someone that looks, acts and thinks like me. Very refreshing. Anytime you can get some help and talk to someone that truly understands and gets you is a plus. If you’re on the fence about seeking professional counseling or help, just do it! You’re welcome. I’m also working on some type of program where we can either work with therapists to help offset some of the costs or find a way to make it affordable in some other capacity. I know that is a major reason why people don’t seem help. Money is a major issue. Thankfully I have insurance and the extra income to support it because umm… Shit ain’t cheap. We gotta bring awareness and let other black people know that it’s okay to seek counseling. Depression and mental illness is not just a white or rich thing and we can’t just pray everything away. Faith without works is dead.

6. I got to see Jay-Z live.  This was one of the highlights of the year and I almost forgot about to mention it! Jay is one of my favorite rappers/businessmen. I listen to at least one Jay-Z album everyday! I try and slip in some of his lyrics in every conversation I have just to see if people notice. If you follow my other account on Instagram, I do this thing called hip hop quote of the day. I basically take a line or two from song and rephrase it. I think 95-98% are Jay-Z quotes. To see him live was phenomenal and I loved every minute of the concert. I even wrote about it here. I don’t go out to many concerts much due to ya know, being an introvert and all but I had to go to this one! I’m so glad I did.

I’m really trying to think of what else happened this year. I’m legit boring so not much happens in my life. I go to work and come home pretty much. Well, now it’s work, home, gym and back home.
I feel like those were the big things that happened this year. If I think of more I may do a part 2 or something. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day and make 2018 greater than 2017!


It’s Time

This is my time. I know people say this all the time. Hell I say this all the time! But for real for real. This is my time to step out and shine. As an introvert I’m holding myself back. While I don’t actually want to step out of this wonderful introvert life, I will make it worthwhile inside of this introvert life. Make sense? No? It will in due time and then you’ll be like, oh that’s what that fool was talking about. Watch me work.

I’ve been watching so many documentaries about people that I admire in business, sports, music and just life in general. Looking for a mentor. Like, I have people that I look up to and that I can converse with on a daily or whatever what have you but I am going to find a specific person that can have that official title of ‘mentor’. 

The thing about that whole mentor thing though is that I have a dope tribe. If you don’t have a tribe then get you one! I’m serious. Get some people that will push you to be a better you as you push them to be a better version of themselves. I have a very diverse and unique tribe that has their hands in, and are successful, in pretty much any and every avenue that I want to go into. So I may not need that mentor but moreso I just may need to tap into my current available resources. Scratch that mentor part, for now. 

Time to apply some of the things that I’ve learned in order to take over this extroverted world in my own introverted way. Watch me work.